Melinda lends creativity to every project combining technical know-how with an eye for design. Originally from California, she brings a fresh perspective to the Mid-South. She spent 23 years on the West Coast coordinating people, projects, and events. A big-picture thinker with a creative flair, Melinda loves to take an idea, research the possibilities, build the best team for the job, and help bring that vision to life. 


Margaret has been interested in gardening since childhood and had her first landscaping job at age 16, so it’s no surprise that she has gone on to spend her days working with the natural beauty of the outdoors.

A native North Carolinian, having worked in the Nashville area for the past 20 years, she knows, understands  and appreciates Southern landscapes. Margaret’s art experience and banking background add to attention to detail and beauty.

Jesse was rescued from a local shelter.  She is a constant companion and the world's most loving lapdog.  No job is complete without a thorough inspection from Jesse.